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We recognize the enormous responsibility we have and believe we are uniquely qualified to protect this area of the lakeshore.
Brian Bosgraaf, Designer and President, Cottage Home

NorthShore of Saugatuck

The land that lies north of Saugatuck is unique in its diverse characteristics due in no small part to two centuries of various ownerships and private use. Once heavily wooded by native pine, some 1000 acres that welcomed the Great Lake was clear cut in the mid 1800’s to meet the lumber demand created by the Chicago and Holland, Michigan fire. Winds off Lake Michigan soon pushed the unprotected sand inland, covering among other things, the villages of Fishtown, Shriver’s Bend and Singapore, as well as the mouth to the old harbor. In 1905, a new channel was dug to aid harbor traffic, defining what is now part of the southern boundary of the NorthShore of Saugatuck. In more recent times, Broward Marine built yachts near the channel.

Today, NorthShore of Saugatuck holds promise for low density residential homes, areas of deeded conservation, nature trails and other preservation plans currently under consideration. Cottage Home has a track record of positive collaboration with the lakeshore townships and governing bodies, and is working diligently with officials in planning NorthShore of Saugatuck. We will post updates here as they become available.


Living in Harmony with the Lakeshore

Our focus on the lakeshore has given Cottage Home engineers and designers a proven expertise in blending sustainable technology with the traditional design of summer homes. We are committed to innovative building solutions that balance lakeshore living in harmony with the environment.


of the integrity, natural vegetation and habitat


of dunes, foliage and indigenous wildlife areas


of a treasured ecosystem for all to enjoy in their respective manner


Of living along the world’s largest body of freshwater


Cottage Home

Well known for its focus on sustainable lakeshore living, Cottage Home envisions a place which will become a world-class retreat, and be nationally recognized not only for preserving the land, but enhancing the environment. During the past 16 years, Cottage Home has designed and built more than 100 homes, most of those located on Lake Michigan. Cottage Home has also developed many award-winning lakeshore communities, built more than 30 LEED Certified homes, and has been recognized as a leader in implementing best practices for sustainable home developments. 



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